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Arizona Humanities AZ Speaks: The History Matters: Yours Too!

Happy to announce that AZ Speaks, sponsored by Arizona Humanities, will offer a presentation delivered by Dr. Pamela Stewart,'s founder. "The History Matters: Yours Too!" falls within the "Humanities and Contemporary Issues" options for the coming 2023-2024 year.

Arizona Humanities, along with cultural, educational, and nonprofit organizations sponsor presentation events that are always free and open to the public.

If interested in booking the presentation described below, find out more HERE.

The History Matters: Yours Too!

Reasons exist for why people do not look to history to address today’s challenges. Yet actively engaging in historical thinking can reveal tools for solving problems faster and with greater success. Even as personal history can matter and the presentation is useful for those interests, this is not an introduction to genealogy class. The interactive, question-based presentation encourages attendees to share experiences that allow for new starting points for learning and reflection—and creating change. The class introduces how harnessing history to solve today’s problems works. It also shows how “doing” a bit of history can help us understand our own value in creating change, open up possibilities for creatively moving forward, and lead towards resolving problems, whether on a small or much larger scale.

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