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Pamela Stewart is a historian, educator, and consultant with expertise in learning design.


She has over 20 years of experience teaching wide-ranging history courses to non-majors at Arizona State University, as well as for Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and other public-facing contexts.


Recently retired from ASU, her non-traditional path to an academic career has played a role in her advocacy of 'doing' history in ways that show the relevance, diversity, and inclusive nature of thinking historically to address current chalenges.


Her focus has expanded from higher education to the broader community. Ultimately, Stewart's goal is to work with individuals, communities, non-profits, companies, and government entities that are trying to address challenges, create change, or better understand their own history or the history of a challenge they are facing.

If we don't know the history, we can't solve the problem.

The history matters.


Photo: Deanna Dent, 2018, at Phoenix Art Museum.

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Photo of Pamela Stewart
Phoenix, Arizona. 85004

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