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If we don't know the history, we can't solve the problem.


Learn how to use history to address today's challenges and plan for the future.

Whether your business or organization is small, large or growing fast, new or long-standing, it can benefit from assessing how it might prevent and address challenges more quickly and creatively move forward.

Need a new take on professional development or someone to do a bit of historical research? offers those options too.

The history matters.


Learn more about our mission and values, consulting options, and what DOING history means.

Fists in Solidarity

Who are YOU and what do YOU need? Options exist for organizations, businesses, professional development and more. And if nothing seems to match your needs, ACTIVHISTorian can create tailor-made content.


Whether it's for personal genealogical interests, a boost to journalists' investigative reporting, academic projects or otherwise, can help. Training sessions as well as digital and in-person archival research available. We help make visible the seemingly invisible.

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