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Research Projects

Making Visible the Seemingly Invisible

Asking questions can lead us to look more carefully and in new places not always considered to hold answers. For example, revolutionary women have always been around but often gained considerably less attention than their male counterparts. Whether making political and social change during war and revolution or in other arenas like higher education in the American West or the lives of lesbians during the 20th century, my historical research has been rooted in questions--that lead to others. Such as: How did women-headed households survive in eras that disallowed women's access to so many jobs? Are women on the front lines of warfare really a new phenomenon? Why weren't women allowed to pole vault in the Olympics till 2000 when some were doing it almost 100 years prior? How did lesbians find each other in a pre-internet age? Otherwise invisible revolutions need to see the light of day.

Project updates coming soon!

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